Table 1

Dental therapy scope of practice in Minnesota

General Supervision
1.Oral health instruction and disease prevention education, including nutritional counseling and dietary analysis
2.Preliminary charting of the oral cavity
3.Making radiographs
4.Mechanical polishing
5.Application of topical preventive or prophylactic agents, including fluoride varnishes and pit and fissure sealants
6.Pulp vitality testing
7.Application of desensitizing medication or resin
8.Fabrication of athletic mouthguards
9.Placement of temporary restorations
10.Fabrication of soft occlusal guards
11.Tissue conditioning and soft reline
12.Atraumatic restorative therapy
13.Dressing changes
14.Tooth reimplantation
15.Administration of local anesthetic
16.Administration of nitrous oxide
Indirect Supervision
1.Emergency palliative treatment of dental pain
2.The placement and removal of space maintainers
3.Cavity preparation
4.Restoration of primary and permanent teeth
5.Placement of temporary crowns
6.Preparation and placement of performed crowns
7.Pulpotomies on primary teeth
8.Indirect and direct pulp capping on primary and permanent teeth
9.Stabilization of reimplanted teeth
10.Extractions of primary teeth
11.Suture removal
12.Brush biopsies
13.Repair of defective prosthetic devices
14.Recementing of permanent crowns
15.Dispense and administer analgesics, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics
  • Source: Minnesota Rules 3100.8500 and 3100.8700; Minnesota Statutes section 150A.10.