Table 1

Contents, forms, and durations of each objective structured clinical examination in assessment section

StationItemContentDuration (min)Weighted Total Score (%)
Section oneIAuxiliary exam results interpretation20 multiple choice items (oral X-rays)2017
IIBasic knowledge25 multiple choice items2017
Section twoIIIDoctor-patient communication and clinical examinationApply oral exams to standardized patient and collect patient history108
IVClinical case analysisAnalyze case and answer questions from the reviewer based on standardized case report2017
VMedical record and prescription writingWrite a medical record and prescription for narcotic drugs based on standardized case report108
Section threeVIPublic skillsMeasure blood pressure of each other54
VIIFirst-aid skillsApply cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the standardized simulated human54
VIIISpecialist skills operationApply performances related to specialist skills to the standardized head model3025