Table 3

Patients’ mean dental caries experience in permanent teeth, by demographic category

CategoryNOral Health Outcomes
Decayed TeethMissing TeethFilled TeethDMFTa
 Not specifiedb410.
Age in years
 6 to 81,1130.
 9 to 117840.
 12 to 156911.
 16 to 197261.
 20 to 344,1241.
 35 to 494,0401.45.63.410.3
 50 to 645,1570.89.24.414.4
 65 to 742,4360.710.95.317.0
 African American5,4041.
 Native Peoplesc5341.77.43.712.8
 No response2411.37.63.312.3
 Hispanic or Latino9641.
 Not Hispanic or  Latino14,6661.26.13.410.7
 No response6491.16.83.311.1
  • DMFT=decayed, missing, and filled teeth

  • Note: Data are for patients with non-missing values. All data from the hospital dental clinic are excluded due to the extent of missing information for patients seen at that clinic. Because of the small sample size for some clinics, data are not portrayed by county.

  • a Due to rounding, individual outcomes columns may not sum to the DMFT number.

  • b Includes individuals identifying as transgender.

  • c Due to small sample size, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and American Indian/Alaska Native were combined into “Native Peoples.”

  • d Includes individuals identifying as “mixed” race.