Table 4

Methodological quality of studies based on psychometric properties

InstrumentFirst Author, YearDesign RatingValidity Reliability
ContentConstructCriterion RelatedInternal ConsistencyTest-Retest
CCTST and CCTDIBondy, 20015N/A++++
Stone, 20014N/A++
Williams, 20034N/A++
Williams, 20064N/A++
CCTSTFacione, 19945++++
HEIghtenLiu, 20164+++
HSRTHuhn, 20114.5N/A++
Wagner Assessment Test and WGCTAWagner, 20063N/A++
WGCTAGadzella, 20034N/A++
Williams Critical Thinking AssessmentWilliams, 20026++++
  • CCTST: California Critical Thinking Skills Test

  • CCTDI: California Critical Thinking Dispositions Inventory

  • HSRT: Health Sciences Reasoning Test

  • WGCTA: Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Assessment

  • Note: Designs were rated on eight methodological criteria (scores could range from 0 to 8). Study designs were considered to be poor (0-2), fair (3-4), good (5-6), or excellent (7-8). N/A means not applicable; a plus sign (+) indicates there was evidence for the property; a minus sign (−) indicates there was no evidence for the property.