Table 2

Principal component analysis of the instrument

Aspect/SkillComponent Loadings
Information exchange
1. Content: dentist’s suggestions0.8410.013−0.295
2. Content: patient contribution0.7970.009−0.064
3. Process: checking understanding0.6020.450−0.281
Shared decision making
4. Process: negotiate treatment plan0.8920.0220.083
5. Perceptual: mutuality/respect0.8970.118−0.269
6. Process: forward planning0.5840.6190.300
7. Process: closure0.5670.6850.145
8. Process: final check0.4870.7720.096
Global communication skills
9. Process: language skills0.467−0.6890.284
10. Process: listening skills, acknowledging0.558−0.359−0.096
11. Process: perceptual, non-interruption0.0080.0340.781
12. Process: picking up verbal cues0.701−0.0590.027
Building relationship skills
15. Process: atmosphere0.6140.2050.012
16. Perceptual: respect0.842−0.2310.307
17. Perceptual: empathy0.6880.0990.369
18. Perceptual: acceptance0.5920.0410.573
  • Note: Rotated structure matrix for PCA was with Quartimax rotation of a three-component assessment scale. Items 13 and 14 (on non-verbal communication) were not part of this analysis.