Table 2

Logistic regression analyses results for factors related to being trained in advocacy during predoctoral education and/or pediatric residency training

VariableOdds Ratio
(95% CI)
 Female0.83 (0.57–1.21)0.33
 Non-white0.83 (0.54–1.28)0.41
Years since graduation from pediatric dental residency program
 ≤11 years2.90 (2.00–4.2)<0.0001*
 >11 yearsREF
Confidence in promoting fluoridated water consumption in clinical practice
 Very confident1.77 (1.04–3.02)0.03*
 Confident1.07 (0.64–1.80)0.8
 Less confidentREF
Willingness to advocate for community water fluoridation programs
 Yes2.67 (1.63–4.39)<0.0001*
Believe advocacy should be integrated into dental curricula
 Yes4.76 (2.94–7.87)<0.0001*
Perceive a need for training in advocacy
 Yes0.67 (0.46–0.98)0.04*
  • * Statistically significant at p<0.05