Table 3

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine interprofessional education (IPE) incorporating social determinants of health (SDH)

ExperienceProfessions InvolvedEvent Summary
Year 1: OrientationDental, medicine, physical therapy*Presentation by vice chancellor for interprofessional programs
Year 1: Online courseDental, medicine, nursingDiscussion regarding care of young pregnant woman; focus on value of teams and understanding roles and responsibilities of health professions in providing optional patient care
Year 2: SDH caseDental, medicine, nursing, social workSmall-group case discussion focused on SDH and effective communication among team members
Year 3: IPE case conferencesDental, medicine, nursing, social work, pharmacy, nutrition, physical therapy, occupational therapy assistant, physician assistant, clinical laboratory sciencesGroup case discussion (students attend one of three: stroke case, veteran case, oncology/hospice case)
Years 3 and 4: Clinic experiencesDental, medicinePatient care experiences in dental school clinic
Year 4: IPE case conferencesDental, medicine, nursing, social work, pharmacy, dental hygiene, nutritionCase conferences of 10-12 students focused on patients with special needs and medically complex patients (dental students attend both)
Year 4: Community rotationsDental, nursing, medicine, nutritionCommunity rotations in student-run clinics
  • * Professions involved in 2017; different schools are scheduled annually for the session with dental and medical students as schedules permit.