Table 3

Key IPE experiences included in school’s program, by private, public, and total institutions

Private InstitutionsPublic InstitutionsTotal Institutions
Key IPE ExperienceNumberPercentageNumberPercentageNumberPercentage
Shared clinical duties in a patient care setting1568.2%1647.1%3155.4%
Community service/service learning experience1777.3%2470.6%4275.0%
Simulation exercise1150.0%1750.0%2850.0%
Standardized patient exercise627.3%1647.1%2239.3%
Lecture presentation1359.1%1852.9%3155.4%
Case-based discussion1045.5%2367.6%3358.9%
Small group exercise1777.3%2882.4%4580.4%
Other (please specify)522.7%823.5%1323.2%
Total respondents to question223456
  • Note: Survey question was worded as follows: “What are the key IPE experiences? (Select all that apply.)”