Table 1

Number and percentage of dental schools that currently offer IPE experiences, by private, public, and total institutions

Private InstitutionsPublic InstitutionsTotal Institutions
IPE OfferedNumberPercentageNumberPercentageNumberPercentage
Yes, as a formal university-led and promoted program.1144.0%2567.6%3658.1%
Yes, not as a formal university program, but through various ad hoc experiences by the dental school and other schools.1144.0%924.3%2032.3%
No, but we are in the planning/development stage for adding a program/experience.312.0%38.1%69.7%
No, it was once considered but not implemented.000000
No, and it is not being considered at this time.000000
  • Note: Survey question was worded as follows: “In light of the definition of IPE as explained above, are your dental students currently offered IPE experiences?” Percentages may not total 100% because of rounding.