Table 1

Schedule of one-day faculty workshop on writing multiple-choice questions (MCQs)

TimeActivityType of Activity
8:00–8:30IntroductionLarge group
Your expectations of this workshopParticipants’ input
Workshop schedule: how it fits with your expectationsFacilitator feedback
8:30–9:00Assessment purposes and typesShort interactive lecture
9:00–9:30Common pitfalls in MCQ writingShort interactive lecture
9:30–10:00Exercise on identifying pitfalls in real MCQsSmall-group exercise
10:00–10:30Steps in writing MCQsFacilitator presentation
10:30–11:00Develop MCQsSmall-group activity
11:00–11:30Presentation of MCQs presented by small-group rapporteursReview and critique in large group
11:30–12:00Develop high-quality MCQs using quality checklistsSmall-group exercise
12:00–1:00Lunch and prayer
1:00–1:15Introduction to blueprintingShort presentation
1:15–2:00Develop your test blueprintSmall-group exercise and feedback
2:00–3:00Review of what was doneLarge-group discussion
3:00–3:30Psychometric analysisShort presentation
3:30–4:00Psychometric analysisSmall-group exercise and feedback