Table 6

Major fields of study for dental school applicants and enrollees, 2014

Predental MajorPercent of ApplicantsPercent of First-Time, First-Year EnrolleesPercent Rate Enrollment
Biological and biomedical sciences60.0%61.4%51.4%
Physical sciences5.3%5.3%50.9%
Health professions and related programs3.6%3.4%46.9%
Dental support services and allied professions1.1%0.8%40.3%
Dental, medical, or health preparatory programs1.3%1.2%46.6%
Health professions and related programs, others1.3%1.4%52.6%
Business, management, marketing, and related support services2.5%2.5%51.9%
Social sciences2.4%2.3%48.4%
Parks, recreation, leisure, and fitness studies2.4%2.3%48.4%
Engineering and engineering-related fields1.4%1.4%53.5%
Family and consumer sciences or human sciences1.4%1.4%49.4%
  • Note: ADEA follows Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) to report undergraduate fields of study.