Table 3

Students’ anxieties discussed (X=yes) during community-based clinical education small-group orientation sessions, by year

Theme 1: apprehension
 Treating various patient populationsXXX
 Lack of experienceXX
 Treating multiple patients per day/slow clinicianXXX
Theme 2: enjoyment/looking forward to experiencesNot applicable
 Treating various patient populations
 Working with a dental assistant
Theme 3: patient management
 Treating difficult patientsXX
Theme 4: site details
 Outdated facilities and equipmentXX
 Busy clinicsXXX
 Similar to dental school
 More independenceX
Theme 5: self-improvementNot applicable
 Gain knowledge and improve clinical skills
 Increase speed
 Improve patient management skills
  • Note: Because the small-group sessions focused on students’ anxieties, the themes of enjoyment and self-improvement (themes 2 and 5) were not discussed during this portion of the orientation session.