Table 1

Profile of studies reviewed: sample size, student type, and type of assessment included in study

First Author, DateSample SizeStudentsPreclinical Self-AssessmentClinical Self-AssessmentCorrelated Faculty AssessmentStudent Perceptions of Self-Assessment
Bookhan, 200559/394th & 5th year dentalN/AN/AYesYesNo
Casap, 201140Final year dentalYesImplantology courseN/ANoNo
Chambers, 20141352nd year dentalYesComplete denturesN/AYesNo
Cho, 20106102nd year dentalYesFixed prosthodonticsN/AYesNo
Curtis, 2008772nd year dentalYesComplete denturesN/AYesNo
DeSpain, 1984222nd year dental hygieneN/AN/AYesYesNo
Ericson, 199741Not reportedN/AN/AYesYesYes
Friedlander, 2011734th year dentalYesEndodonticsN/AYesNo
Lanning, 2011822nd year dentalYesCommunication skillsN/AYesNo
Manogue, 1999983rd year dentalYesEndodonticsN/ANoYes
Mattheos, 2004522nd year dentalN/AN/AYesYesYes
Mays, 2014251st year dentalYesOperativeN/AYesNo
Mould, 2011172nd year dental hygieneN/AN/AYesNo*Yes
Nance, 2009731st year dentalYesDental anatomyN/AYesYes
Pileggi, 2004Not reportedNot reportedYesEndodonticsN/ANo*No
San Diego, 20142691st year dentalYesOperativeN/AYes**No
Schönwetter, 20128201st & 2nd year dental hygiene; 3rd & 4th year dentalN/AN/AYesNo
Tuncer, 201538/372nd & 3rd year dentalYesOperativeN/AYesNo
Wetherell, 1999334th & 5th year dentalN/AN/AYesYes**Yes
  • Note: See list of references for full source information on articles. “Date” refers to year of publication, not year of study. “Not reported” mean no information was provided in the article on that point. “N/A” means the category was not relevant to the focus of that study (preclinical vs. clinical).

  • * Oral feedback was given after the students completed their work.

  • ** Tutors provided the faculty assessments.