Table 5

Responses related to knowledge about PA 161 and respondents’ interest in this program

QuestionDental Students N=160Dental Hygiene Students N=206Dental Faculty N=30Dental Hygiene Faculty N=54Dental Hygienists N=95
Do you know:
 A person who provides services under PA161? % yes3%17%39%70%51%
 Of a program that is possible because of PA161? % yes6%20%26%67%50%
Do you know/are you or have you been
 A dental hygienist in a PA161 program? % yes3%44%5%27%17%
 A supervising dentist in a PA161 program? % yes32%23%15%00
How much do you disagree/agree with the following statement?
 I know what PA161 is all about. Mean2.022.892.793.763.47*
 Are you interested in more information about PA161 programs? % yes44%56%48%64%54%
 I would like to participate in a PA161 program. Mean2.723.263.143.653.43*
  • For dental and dental hygiene students, the two questions were formulated as “Do you know…” For dental and dental hygiene faculty members and dental hygienists, the questions were formulated as “Are you currently or have you been…”

  • Response options were 1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=neutral, 4=agree, and 5=strongly agree.

  • * p≤0.001