Table 4

Mean attitudinal responses concerning PA 161

StatementDental Students N=160Dental Hygiene Students N=206Dental Faculty N=30Dental Hygiene Faculty N=54Dental Hygienists N=95
PA161 Public Dental Prevention Programs assist in providing care for the underserved.3.453.833.684.574.19*
PA161 Public Dental Prevention Programs should be increased.3.083.593.614.544.16*
Services provided under this law make a difference for underserved patients in our state.3.233.723.614.504.25*
I would like to see more PA161 programs in our state.3.043.613.544.464.15*
I like the possibilities that PA161 offers for patient care.3.203.733.864.504.27*
  • Note: Response options were 1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=neutral, 4=agree, and 5=strongly agree.

  • * p≤0.001