Table 2

Responses to questions about familiarity with PA 161 and sources of information about it

ItemDental Students N=160Dental Hygiene Students N=206Dental Faculty N=30Dental Hygiene Faculty N=54Dental Hygienists N=95
Are you familiar with PA 161? % Yes33%66%57%94%92%**
I heard about it during/through:
 Dental/dental hygiene education45%82%22%30%25%**
 Professional association19%33%65%73%47%**
 CE coursen/an/a29%35%71%**
 Other ways15%18%4%23%37%*
Did you hear in:
 Formal presentation by instructor32%68%13%47%33%**
 Formal presentation by guest speaker21%56%25%54%42%**
 Informally through my instructors17%44%16%44%22%**
 Informally through classmates/other peers21%30%16%52%53%**
 Another way9%14%38%33%65%**
In which program?
 Predoctoral dental programn/an/a33%00**
 Dental hygiene programn/an/a50%94%15%**
 Graduate programn/an/a67%06%**
  • Note: Respondents on the multiple-choice questions could check all that applied.

  • * p≤0.01;

  • ** p≤0.001