Table 3

Respondents’ degree of familiarity with PA 161-related issues

ItemDental Students N=160Dental Hygiene Students N=206Dental Faculty N=30Dental Hygiene Faculty N=54Dental Hygienists N=95
Familiar with the PA 161 law passed in 2005:
 1. Not at all familiar72%46%41%11%16%*
 2. Somewhat familiar25%50%45%48%48%
 3. Very familiar4%4%14%41%36%
Familiar with differences in the Public Health Code between assignment of procedures to a dental hygienist and remote supervision of patient care:
 1. Not at all familiar75%47%35%19%23%*
 2. Somewhat familiar21%47%48%43%45%
 3. Very familiar4%6%17%38%32%
Familiar with an active PA161 Public Dental Prevention Program that offers dental hygiene service to the underserved:
 1. Not at all familiar75%45%41%7%16%*
 2. Somewhat familiar21%45%41%44%48%
 3. Very familiar4%9%17%48%36%
Familiar with the fact that PA161 is managed by the Michigan Department of Community Health Oral Health Program:
 1. Not at all familiar77%47%48%19%17%*
 2. Somewhat familiar20%45%28%40%41%
 3. Very familiar4%7%24%40%42%
  • Note: Question was worded as “How familiar are you with the following issues?”

  • * p≤0.001