Table 1

Overview of respondents’ characteristics and numbers by type of survey

Type of Survey/CharacteristicDental Students N=160Dental Hygiene Students N=206Dental Faculty N=30Dental Hygiene Faculty N=54Dental Hygienists N=95
Type of survey (N)
 Paper and pencil1606329120
Age in years
 African American1%7%10%6%2%
 Asian American23%25%13%04%
 European American69%60%57%74%79%
Year in program/year graduated1st year: 1001st year: 99Mean:1990Mean:1988Mean:1988
2nd year: 222nd year: 55SD: 12.917SD: 13.714SD: 13.277
3rd year: 383rd year: 521971–20141965–20131962–2014
Programs attendedUniversity of Michigan10121212
Type of employmentDesiredDesiredn/an/aActual
 Solo practice54%51%66%
 Group practice35%40%21%
 Faculty practice3%6%3%
 Nonprofit clinic1%1%7%
  • Note: Percentages may not total 100% because of rounding.