Table 3

Residents’ rating of features of successful academic career as very important to them (N=271)

Features of Academic Career Rated “Very Important”Interested in Academia N (%)Interested in Private Practice N (%)p-value
Achieving a good balance between career and personal life94 (90%)135 (80%)0.022
Achieving a reputation as an excellent clinician in your specialty area89 (86%)121 (71%)0.006
Getting promoted81 (78%)129 (76%)0.082
Achieving tenure74 (71%)125 (74%)0.612
Making original scientific/clinical contributions to the profession75 (73%)101 (59%)0.025
Being elected to leadership position in national specialty organizations65 (62%)80 (47%)0.015
Obtaining external research grants50 (48%)86 (51%)0.069
Receiving teaching awards56 (54%)78 (46%)0.201
Achieving significant number of “first author” publications53 (51%)75 (44%)0.271
Receiving community service awards42 (40%)53 (31%)0.129
Total respondents in each group104167
  • Note: Percentages were calculated within each group.