Table 1.

Learning outcomes of evidence-based practice course at UTHSCSA-DS and basis for KACE knowledge questions

Learning Outcomes
  1. Recognize the hierarchy of evidence (evidence pyramid) and identify types of evidence ranging from weakest to highest quality.

  2. Identify the quality of specific evidence sources when provided examples.

  3. Describe a PICO question.

  4. Implement a systematic strategy for finding evidence.

  5. Discuss validity issues related to sample size.

  6. Identify threats to validity for studies reporting research on diagnostic techniques and treatment techniques.

  7. Demonstrate awareness of the Cochrane Collaboration and other systematic reviews.

  8. Identify study designs and distinguish features unique to commonly used study designs.

  9. Identify search strategies for specific patient care scenarios/questions.

  10. Identify sensitivity and specificity and distinguish between them.