Table 8.

Importance of resources and actions needed for achieving planned curriculum enhancement, by percent of total responses (N=53 dental schools)

ResourceHighly ImportantImportantMarginally ImportantNot Important
Note: Percentages may not total 100% because of rounding.
Training for new faculty in teaching skills55%38%6%2%
Professional development for established faculty51%36%13%0
Expansion of information technology49%43%8%0
Protected time for faculty to plan curriculum innovations32%40%21%7%
Incentives and rewards for educational innovations28%32%26%13%
Modifications of physical plant26%42%26%6%
Educational consultants23%38%40%0
Examples of formats from other schools23%57%21%0
Enhanced grant writing capacity to secure needed funds23%30%30%17%
Site visits to other schools17%49%30%4%
Fellowships and sabbaticals for faculty13%25%34%28%