Table 5.

Students’ evaluation of instructors and the curriculum, by percent of total responses

Note: Percentages may not total 100% because of rounding.
Students evaluate each course.91%9%053
Students evaluate course directors.89%11%053
Students evaluate each classroom instructor.68%30%2%53
Students evaluate each lab instructor.69%31%052
Students evaluate each clinic instructor.64%32%4%53
Students evaluate overall year’s curriculum at the end of each year they just concluded.29%19%52%52
Seniors evaluate overall curriculum prior to graduation.90%6%4%52
Students complete majority of evaluations online.71%10%19%52
Measures are used to encourage student evaluations, such as withholding grades.42%15%42%52
Focus groups explore student perceptions of the curriculum.44%40%15%52
Curriculum committee reviews students’ evaluations.65%19%15%52
Associate dean for academic affairs reviews students’ evaluations.76%17%7%53
Students’ evaluations are sent to all faculty involved in each course.58%23%19%52
Students’ evaluations are sent to course directors.91%6%4%53
Students’ evaluations are sent to department chairs.83%11%6%53