Table 1.

Comparison of residency program and AAPD website content and results of student survey, by percentages in each category

Website EvaluationStudent Survey
AAPD Descriptive Items (n=21)Percentage of Program Websites with Identical or Less Content Compared with AAPD Site (n=68)Percentage of Program Websites with Additional Content Compared with AAPD Site (n=68)Total Percentage of Program Websites (n=68)Percentage of Students Indicating Interest (n=54)
aAmerican Dental Education Association Postdoctoral Application Support Service
bNational Matching Service
Program Length/Position Number7298185
Program Description54257989
Application Information34447870
Program Type52227485
Contact Information56187470
Clinical Experience37326983
Program Director32316341
Didactic Experience25386369
Admissions Requirements38256365
Participation in ADEA PASSa43186057
Program Faculty29275650
Stipend and Tuition40155489
Program Strengths34185280
Research Requirements24275050
Participation in NMSb32164961
Teaching Experience21153537
State Licensure2422556
Fellowship Information62719